Pittsburgh Auto Spa

Our Process

At Pittsburgh Auto Spa we aim to provide a detailing experience like no other. It starts when we receive your vehicle either when you drop it off or we pick it up. Before work even begins the vehicle’s condition is noted and the owner signs off acknowledging services to be performed. Then the work begins, the length and details of the process varies depending on the service you are having performed. The car is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Time is taken to make sure no further damage is done to the car in the washing process. After cleaning the car is carefully dried with premium microfiber drying towels. From here the process changes depending on the service. For example, at this point during The Prologue, the bonded contaminates will be removed from the paint and electronic paint measurements are taken. Then the paint is cleansed to the level requested. The vehicle is washed again to remove any polishing residue and the paint is inspected for clarity. If the paint passes this inspection then the process continues with the application of a standard or premium wax, chosen from our list, is applied to the paint, exterior trim and tires are then dressed. The process continues by moving to the inside where we start with vacuum and dust removal. If leather care is required it is taken care of at this time. Then the trim and gauges are cleaned and dressed to the desired level and the whole interior is given a final inspection. Before returning your car, the whole vehicle is visually inspected from top to bottom to confirm nothing has been overlooked. During the delivery process we go over the car with the customer to make sure all their needs have been met and make recommendations for future applications. That’s detailing in a nutshell, explaining all the mental checklists Robert goes through during a detail would take the better part of a day to explain to someone who understands detailing. Feel free to ask any questions you may about our process.