Pittsburgh Auto Spa


Why Pittsburgh Auto Spa?

Pittsburgh Auto Spa aims to provide Pittsburgh with an automotive spa service that goes above and beyond your typical detail shop.  With over ten years of experience Pittsburgh Auto Spa strives to share their passion and knowledge with their clients.  We are not a volume based detail shop. The art of detailing is a process that cannot be rushed.  Robert recognizes the investment people make in an automobile and wants to help his clients extend the enjoyment of their vehicle.  Using only the best car care products, Pittsburgh Auto Spa optimizes its services to meet your needs.

Why should I have my car detailed?

The automobile is the second largest purchase people make next to their homes. It is vital to protect this investment to keep it in top shape for the long run.  Having worked at a dealership in the past Robert is also aware of the fees that are imposed on poorly maintained lease vehicles.  Avoid costly fees by having your car detailed regularly.  A well-kept car also commands a premium price when listed for sale.  Pittsburgh Auto Spa can help you get the most out of your vehicle.  It’s never too late to have your car detailed or paint corrected; a good washing routine goes a long way in getting the most out of your detail.  Robert is always ready to assist his clients in setting up a routine and providing product to make the work easier for all enthusiasts.

My car is new, should I have it detailed right away?

Dealerships do what they can as far as preparing a new car for delivery.  It is unfortunate that dealership employees are often pushed to meet deadlines that leave a less than satisfactory finish on the car.  Most products applied at the time of delivery make the car look great for about a week but the finish loses its luster and that “new car” feeling is gone.  Pittsburgh Auto Spa encourages you to schedule a detail at the earliest convenience to preserve your new purchase.

How long will you have my car?

Depending on the services you require, Pittsburgh Auto Spa may have your car from as little as a few hours to a few days.  Properly cleaning a car takes time.  Anytime a procedure is rushed, quality drops.  Doing the job right the first time is more important than seeing how many cars can be pumped out in a day.  Exterior cleaning alone can take upward of eight hours.  Factors to consider are vehicle size, condition, and what work you want to have done.

So how does this work?

Pittsburgh Auto Spa is equipped and insured to offer pick-up and delivery of your vehicle at your home or business.  If you’d like to have services provided at your residence all we need is a covered or shaded place to work, and access to electricity and water connections.  If there are water use restrictions in your area we recommend pick-up and delivery.

What are your hours of operation?

8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.  Robert enjoys detailing so much that he often works from sunrise to sunset, and it is not unusually for him to be working late into the night.

Whats the difference in detail / paint  correction?

  • Detailing is the act of thoroughly cleaning and protecting the exterior and interior surfaces of a car.  Some might refer to it as “just a wash and wax.”  Detailing will add gloss and protection, paintwork correction will remove defects that are deeper in the surface improving the clarity in the paint.
  • Paintwork correction is the process of using paint safe polishes and compounds to remove defects (scratches, swirls, water spots, bird etching, etc.) in the vehicles paint.  Paintwork correction is a time consuming process.  Robert must first thoroughly clean the paint before he can electronically measure the paint thickness to determine what approach is necessary to correct the paint without causing more damage to the finish.

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